How To Pray Eid Salah

How to pray Eid Salah? It is a common question for new Muslims and who pray occasionally. There are two Eid in Islam. One is Eidul Fitr another Eidul Adha.  Eid salah is forj (mandatory) on every Muslim who is male, independent, adult (both young and old) and none mad. Women can participate at there but not mandatory. The prayer of Eidul Fitr is two rakats and the prayer of Eidul Adha also two rakats. There are no difference between salah of Edul fitr and Edul adha. Praying Eid Salah is almost same to praying Salah. There are some  difference between two kinds of Salah.  At first know how to pray Salah then find the difference.
Praying Eid Salah

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