Tashahhud Dua For Salat


Tashahhud with meaning

Regards to God and prayers of peace and good things you, O Prophet and Allah's mercy and blessings of peace on us and on the righteous servants of Allah I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger. Listen appropriate pronounce of tashahhud 

When you read tashahhud

In two rakat Salat, after sit down to performing second rakat's two sijda or in four rakat salat, afte
sit down to performing both second rakat's two sijda and fourth rakat's two sijda , you have to read Tashahhud. It is wajibat of Salah. If you forget to read the tashahhud you have to do sijdah sahu. If you leave it intentionally your salat will be aborted. In fact, tashahhud was a discussion between Allah and Muhammad (saw) in the time of miraj. After then it has been a madatory dua for Salat.