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Friday, December 5, 2014

Wajibat of Salah


Wajibat of Salah

There are 14 Wajibat for Salah 

( which are mandatory, but unintentional mistake corrigible by Sijdah sahu)
1. To recite fully Sura Al-Fatihah in the first two Rakat of the Fard Salah.
2. To join a Sura or at least quantity of small three ayat with Sura Fatihah
3. To select first two Rakat of the fard for Qira'at
4. To read Sura Al-Fatihah before another Sura.
5. To complete all rukon steadily and perfectly 
6. The first sitting 
7. Tashahud in the fist and second sitting.
8. To maintain continuation of all rak'at fard and wajibat.
9. To offer all Fard and Wajibat timely and in proper place ( like at first ruku then two Sijdah one after another)
10. To read any duah after third rakat of witr Salah
11. Six extra Takbir of two Eid Salah.
12. To say Takbir during the second raka'at's ruku in two Eid's Salah
13. For the Emam to read Qirah without sound in Dhuhr and Asr and to read Qirah aloud in Fajr, Maghrib, Isha, Jummah and two Eid's
14. To end Salah by Salam.
wajibat of salah

                                                        Translator: Rahiyat Emon