Farz of Salat

For every matured Muslims, 5 times Salat is mandatory in a day. There are some work, without these work Salat will not complete. These are given below.

Farz of Salat ( which are mandatory) are 13.

Farz before Salat 6 from 13:

1. Cleanliness of body.
2. Cleanliness of garments.
3. Cleanliness of place.
4. Covering of Satr.
5. Facing to the Qibla.
6. Ascertaining the right time of Salat .
7. Having the intention to perform the Salat in the mind.

Farz during Salat 6 from 13:

1. Saying Takbir Tahrima ( to begin prayer with Allahu Akbar).
2. To stand upright in Fard or wajibat prayer.
3. Qir'at ( to recite at least one verse of the Holy Qur'an).
4. To do Ruku.
5. To do Sajdah.
6. Qa'dah Akhirah (To sit down at the end of Salah).

                                                                Translator: Rahiyat Emon