Fire Did't Burn

Fire didn't burn

Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) (Allah peace be upon Him) was a messenger of Allah. He use to call people to Allah. He try to understand them that Allah is only one and no one but Allah is eligible for worship. His nation worshiped their Idols. He told His father and them that Idols can't do no things and asked,
: Why are you worship these? You leave worship these and worship to Allah.
: they reply Him ' we found our forefather worshiping these Idols. You be quiet and back off.
: Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) (Allah peace be upon Him) said, you and your forefathers were in serious grave error. you are doing something wrong.
:Do you have something solid to say us?
:He said, Allah is your lord, your master and creator of the heavens and the earth. The one who gave them existence out of no thing. worship only for Him (Allah). But they ignored Him. So He determined that He teach a lesion them.

one day They went to a festival. Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) (Allah peace be upon Him) destroyed their all Idols but gave place to the biggest and put the axe on the shoulder of the biggest  to prove that Idols can't able to do no thing even these can't save these self from others attack. When they returned from festival, they asked Him, who  did this with our Idols? Prophet indicated the biggest Idols. they said Idols can't move. How it possible that these did this? Certainly you did this. Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) (Allah peace be upon Him) said, why are you worship these who can't move? Worship only for Allah. He is our creator.

They decided that they burn Him into Fire to take retaliation for their Idols. It was horrible and more generous. They created a enormous fireplace that they themselves could not even get close it. Therefore the tried to figure out how do they throw Him into the fire. Then they build a catapult and put Him inside the catapult and they tried up his hands and his lags. they sent Him into the enormous fireplace. He said, Allah is all I need. There is no thing and no one worthy of worship except Allah.  At the moment Allah said to fire, "O fire cool and be comfortable for Ibrahim". His cloths and all things attested with Him were burned but His entire body was normal. Fire can't burn a single part of His body. 

The story (story of The Qur'an, sura Ambia.) is proved that All things in the world and out of the world can't no things without Allah order. But only Allah is controller of all them. Surely Allah is Almighty.